About Us


Chris Blanchard, MS

Inspired by Miss Leah Chase from Dooky Chase in New Orleans, Chris uses his Grandma Opal's recipe with a few extra touches to make some of the best fried chicken you've ever tasted.  Opal lived in Greenville, South Carolina and always had cast iron pots of chicken, biscuits and greens in the kitchen.  Chris honors her memory by recreating that recipe and spirit and by creating classic Southern sides that will be sure to make you happy.

Chris is one of just over 200 Master Sommeliers in the world and in the mid 1980's had a hit record recording under the name of DJ Vitamix and toured with RUN/DMC, Fresh Prince and many others.  He also has an untreatable obsession with fried chicken that he hopes will cured with cooking therapy.


Lauren Blanchard

Lauren and Chris, just newly married in New Orleans in November 2016, have a keen passion for travel and food.  Lauren has many years working with prestigious wineries throughout California and the Napa Valley and now manages the Savage & Cooke distillery on historic Mare Island.  Lauren has been by Chris’ side since his obsession with a fried chicken restaurant began and she brings organization and order to the chaos of a restaurant.  Together they form an amazing team and look forward to many years of blissful chicken goodness.


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Opal Blanchard

Chris' grandmother was a school teacher in Greenville South Carolina.  From living in Cuba to working in munitions in Vallejo during World War 2, Opal Blanchard is the inspiration behind the soulful fried chicken and southern sides he cooks.